Together Eleading Technologies and Haina Telecom have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of LNA's, Power Amplifiers, Tower Mount Amplifiers and SSPA's for operation from 100MHz through to 10GHz and beyond.

PIN Diode Switches

For an extensive range of cost effective PIN diode switches, look no further than Eleading Technologies. Covering the frequency range from 0.01GHz to 18GHz in SP2T, SP4T, SP5T, SP6T & SP8T configurations, all models are available in either reflective or absorbtive variants.

Combiners & Couplers

A wide range of devices for use in both external and in-building applications. Check out the Haina catalogue in the documentation menu for more details.



Ferrite Isolators & Circulators

From 100MHz to 20GHz, the extensive range of devices from Eleading Technologies are available in connectorised, drop-in or microstrip configurations.

Duplexers & Filters

The range of duplexers and filters from Eleading/Haina satisfy the most demanding requirements of the wireless infrastructure industry. Whether GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, TETRA or bespoke applications, we can support your production needs. 


Point of Interface Equipment

Haina Telecom can design and manufacture dedicated POI for network distribution including signal splitting and combining into a single compact unit. 

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RF & Microwave Components for the Professional Wireless Communications Industry

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Whilst the datasheets show typical parameters please feel free to tell us exactly what you require so that we can configure the optimum solution.Because of the extensive range of capabilities and product groups it is not possible to show every possible device. For the best service please use the enquiry form shown on
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